Kangaroo impact at 100km

Date: 14/10/2015

I’ve always fitted alloy or steel bars on the front of my 4WDs. Two years ago I purchased my current one which had a smart bar already fitted, I had always planned on replacing it with a new steel bar but hadn’t got around to it. In July we decided to take the kids to the snow for the day we left home at 4:30am about an hour into the trip we rounded a bend and were faced with two large Kangaroos in the middle of the road.

At 100kph there was little time to brake and the trees lining the road left no room. The impact was hard and loud dead centre of the car, we pulled over as soon as we could to remove the carcass off the road. I had time to remove the first one off the road prior to another car rounding the bend, it was still dark and he hit the second one destroying the front of his Holden Commodore. When I inspected the front of my 4WD by torchlight I was surprised to find the only damage we suffered was a bent number plate and a broken driving light, while the Commodore was extensively damaged.

Because of the Smart Bar fitted on the Pajero our day to the
snow was not ruined but continued as planned. I’ve hit many Roos prior with other bars and there’s always been damage to the bar and sometimes the car as well, I’ve found it’s easier to keep clean than the alloy bars I’ve had in the past.

Brett Mitchell
Mitsubishi Pajero

Smartbar vs Calf 100kms

Date: 14/07/2016

Viewer discretion advised, Web cam footage the calf does survive
There was no damage to the bar and the only damage to the vehicle was one spotlight and a small dent in the bonnet from the aerial tab.

100th Of a Second

Date: 16/09/16

After working hard, I was finally able to get my brand new vehicle off the showroom floor. That time was way back in the year 2000, the year of the Olympics and all sorts of events and happenings within Australia.   The vehicle I chose was a Pajero. Why you ask, well, I have had some real fast cars in my life, in fact I drove them for a living as well, but the Pajero was for the off road adventures etc.  I was travelling down near Wagga Wagga one week in early 2001 re some off road parts I wanted to purchase, when I noticed this new (to me anyway) roo bar, now known as the smart bar.  Without hesitation, I bought one and had it fitted to my still new Pajero.  Time passed and before I knew it, it was 2016, I still had the Pajero and the smart bar had done its job more than once in bouncing a few roos out of the way, either on the Nullarbor or the back roads of NSW.

I had just completed a few night time return jobs from Grafton to Brisbane and back and of course doing shift work all my life, I thought nothing more of it, but something was lurking in the background, fatigue was just sitting there, waiting for its turn to attack. Attack it did and with vengeance because it hit me within 100th of a second and I was fast asleep doing 100 kph and that is all I remember until something punched me in the face.  The Air bag had gone off.  I am thinking why did the Air bag go off, until I looked about and found myself looking at dense bushland, no road, sunny day, no noise. It hit me hard and ripped at my heart, this once great vehicle I had cherished, pampered over, looked after and only had 160 thousand kilometres was in the bush with a cracked windscreen, I looked beyond that, and had a sigh of relief as I could see the Smart Bar was still intact and straight.  That was the biggest lie my eyes told me, as when I got out of the vehicle, I could see the extensive damage done to the vehicle, the three Iron Bark trees that the smart bar pushed aside, the gum tree that it snapped off dead centre hit from ground level. However the Smart bar had done its job and done it well, even though it pushed these large trees aside and away from me, they came back hitting the side of the vehicle after the Smart Bar had passed them, but the vehicle can to a slowed stop instead of an instant stop or to put it mildly, a death stop.

The Smart bar, even though was 15 years old, it still protected me and activated the Air bags, it had done its job and it had done it well. At this point your waiting for me to say buy buy buy, well I am not. I am however saying, you’re a fool if you don’t look into getting one of these Smart Bars for your vehicle, as I can say with complete honesty, this bar saved my life. No one wants the 100th of a second experience, I can assure you.

INJURIES: Internal injuries from seat belt and deep bruising to the face re Air Bag.




Fred Kinch JP

Grafton NSW

100th Of a Second

Silver City 600 Cross country Rally

Date: 20/12/2011

The SmartBar absorbed majority of the impact which significantly reduced the damage to the vehicle itself.

Terry Pinson
New South Wales, Australia

A True Life Saver

Date: 22/03/2011

Please find attached some photos of our Commodore after hitting a 350-400kg Black Angus steer at night. The car was under brakes at approx 60-80km/hr on impact.

Andrew Hurst
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia