Purchasing Considerations

Why purchase a VFPS AND WHY SmartBar is the SMART CHOICE?

Firstly, unlike most other bars, SmartBar is manufactured in AUSTRALIA!

The reason vehicles are fitted with a VFPS is to protect the vehicle from animal strikes including Kangaroos and Emus, which are prevalent on Australia’s expansive highway network. The VFPS should be designed to deflect the animal and cause as little damage to the vehicles essential components (radiator etc.) so the vehicle remains mobile. Immobilisation can be of great concern as most regional and remote roads have very little mobile telephone coverage. Ensuring vehicles remain mobile is a determining factor for all Emergency services. SmartBar currently supply to Ambulance, Police and Fire services across Australia for this very reason.

Utilising our advanced design capabilities and the hollow polyethylene construction of SmartBar’s, the impact is absorbed by the bar and then the obstruction is propelled forward or to the side (dependant on impact position and obstruction). Other VFPS manufacturers use C-section Steel or C-section Aluminium, which under impact crumples to absorb shock. This technology has been used for years but does increase the risk of essential engine component damage, potentially immobilising the vehicle. With the SmartBar absorbing majority of the impact, the damage to the front end of the vehicle is minimised. The SmartBar itself can compress up to 85% of its width upon impact and return to 95% of its original shape within minutes of the impact.

Members of Government, the WA Coroner and several lobby groups have recently raised the need for both an effective and pedestrian friendly bar as the majority of fleet vehicles travel in both city centres and the remote highways of Australia. SmartBar offers outstanding vehicle protection as well as meeting the FULL Australian Standard for VFPS (AS4876.1) as well as the pedestrian safety component of this standard (Section 3.2) this is an accreditation other manufacturers can not claim. SmartBar offers unsurpassed pedestrian safety as highlighted in the Adelaide Universities study on VFPS on pedestrian impact tests.

Occupant safety is still paramount and the VFPS you choose should also be air bag compatible. As of the year 2000 every SmartBar produced meets this essential criteria.