Mercedes Sprinter (Current Model 10/13+)

WHO uses SmartBar?

The Mercedes Sprinter SmartBar is the choice of bullbar for Emergency Services, Mining Companies and a number of Fleet Organisations.

WHY should you choose SmartBar?

To save fuel and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, which is due to the SmartBar’s weight saving capability when compared to other bullbars.

To minimise the risk of serious injury to both the occupants within the car and pedestrians.

WHAT else should you know about SmartBar?

SmartBar has been tested and proven to minimise the serious risk of injury to pedestrian when compared to metal variants. This is due to the impact absorption qualities of the polymer material and the hollow construction design. It also has the ability to provide superior protection against animal strikes by absorbing the impact via it’s hollow core and transferring the energy throughout the bar without transferring it in to the vehicle.

IS the SmartBar compliant with Design Rules and Legislation?

Each SmartBar is tested thoroughly to ensure it conforms with all ADR’s. SmartBars are also tested to ensure a HIC value of below 1500 (Australian Standard), making it arguably “the safest bullbar available on the market”.

HOW does the bar react to such a strike?

This unique product has the ability to return to it’s original shape after an impact.

WHAT is the SmartBar made of?

Each SmartBar is made from a specifically designed polymer material which will not rust, resulting in greater longevity and performance. For this reason, the SmartBar has gained acceptance and popularity throughout the mining sector and areas of high salt content.

SmartBarWelcome to the new age.

  • 10/13+
  • Will fit 309, 311, 315, 319 415, 515, 518 & 519
  • Meets all Australian Design Rules
  • Textured finish
  • Pedestrian Friendly
  • Lightweight and impact resistant
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