SmartBar and Vehicle Warranties


SmartBar is more than just vehicle protection. SmartBar is about safety: protecting drivers, passengers, other road-users and pedestrians from harm and at the same time, protecting the vehicle from damage.

All Vehicle Frontal Protection systems (VFPS’s) designed and manufactured by SmartBar comply with Australian standard AS4876.1-2002 Motor Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems. Indeed SmartBar’s VFPS’s are one of the only manufacturers that meet all aspects of this standard, which is the result of a process of consultation with stakeholders.

This is a vital consideration in purchasing a VFPS.

For example, the shape and form of a VFPS should flow with the shape and form of the vehicle to eliminate sharp and protruding parts that can cause harm in an accident. Along with their light weight and elastic reformation properties, the shape and form of SmartBar’s VFPS’s are among their key selling points.


SmartBar’s VFPS’s are designed and tested using computer simulations, physical static and dynamic testing at a third party testing facility to confirm, among other things, that they are airbag compatible. These tests have confirmed that they do not compromise airbag deployment in anyway.

From SmartBar’s point of view, a vehicle fitted with both airbags and a SmartBar VFPS is what all vehicle owners and manufacturers should be striving towards. These two safety devices complement one another to maximize safety for those inside and outside the vehicle in the event of a frontal collision.

SmartBar believes that of all the VFPS options available on the market, it’s VFPS (Polyethylene Front End Bull Bar) integrates the best with the body shape, material composition and in-built safety mechanisms of a vehicle such as deformation sensors and airbag triggers.